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Introducing the fiber optic FAT BOX WITH BARE SPLITTER 1:4, a highly versatile fiber network solution crafted to efficiently divide a single input into four distinct outputs. This advanced splitter streamlines signal management within fiber optic networks, facilitating seamless signal distribution across multiple destinations.

Engineered with a robust build and unwavering performance, theĀ  fiber optic FAT BOX WITH BARE SPLITTER 1:4 emerges as an indispensable component for any fiber optic setup requiring proficient signal distribution. Elevate your network’s connectivity and data transmission efficiency with this premium-quality splitter solution.


  • Efficiently divides a single input into four separate outputs.
  • Versatile solution ideal for diverse fiber optic applications.
  • Robust build ensures longevity and reliability in demanding environments.
  • Simple installation and integration into existing fiber optic systems.
  • Optimized performance guarantees consistent signal quality and efficiency.
  • Enhances connectivity, facilitating seamless communication and data transmission.
  • Cost-effective solution tailored to meet the demands of fiber optic network setups.
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