42U Network Cabinets (600mmx800mm)


42 U Server| Patching | Networking Cabinets (600mm x 800mm)


42U Network Cabinets (600mmx800mm)

Easenet Free Standing Data Networking Cabinets (600mm x 800mm), Server Racks,  42 U – 600 x 800 Free Standing & Movable Rails  Server, Cabinets, Switch Cabinets, Patching Cabinet with a slimline style cabinet finish in high quality cream.

Networking Cabinets (600mm x 800mm)

  • 42 U Patching/Networking/Server/Data rack/cabinet.
  • Lockable Transparent  Glass door.
  • Cable access top and bottom.
  • Welded construction.
  • Moving and Standing Rails

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