24-48 Core Fiber Optic Outdoor Dome Enclosure

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24-48 Core Fiber Optic Outdoor Dome Enclosure

The 24-48 Core Fiber Optic Outdoor Dome Enclosure is used to terminate optical fiber cable in the outdoors. It is an IP65 design that resists moisture and dust entry. A positive, continuous rubber, cover to body seal is provided. A weatherproof lock is provided. Provision for up to 6 optical fibre cables to enter or leave the enclosure through weatherproof cable glands is provided. Eight cable CTM anchoring points are provided. Two sets of 4 splice trays are provided; each set can accept 24 fusion splices. Each splice tray is individually removable. Each splice tray stack is secured by a long length hook and loop tie. For splicing activities, a single splice tray can be located on the quickly positioned splice tray support plate. A 12 or 24 position, vertical, patch panel for to suit popular connector types eg SC, ST or FC can be provided. A galvanized steel mounting bracket for the enclosure is available (Part No: TC4020MKIT). The bracket comes with 4 x hex head bolts and nuts for mounting the enclosure on it.

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24 Core Fiber Optic Outdoor Dome Enclosure

24 Core, 48 core

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