Ethernet Networking Cables and Patch Cords

Latest deals and offers on Network/Lan Cables Including Category 6 Cables and Cat 7 Cables from top brands Such as Siemon and Giganet for your 

CTC Kenya Offers the best Ethernet  Cables Prices in Nairobi Kenya. The most popular brands include  D-link cat 5 and Cat6 UTP Cables , Giganet Cat 6 UTP, FTP indoor and outdoor cable  Aico Cat 6e UTP Cable, Ubiquiti  Tough cables, Easenet Cat 5e and Category 6 Indoor and Outdoor Cables , Fiber and Simon Cat 6A, Cat 5A UTP Pure Copper Ethernet Cables and  Patch cords . This cable features a discontinuous foil construction which enables a typical UTP installation process and smaller cable diameter while providing improved heat dissipation and virtually zero alien cross talk


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