Vsol V1600D2 2 Port EPON OLT

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    Vsol V1600D2 2 Port EPON OLT

    Powerful, Reliable, and Scalable Network Solution for Modern Enterprises

    The Vsol V1600D2 2 Port EPON OLT (Optical Line Terminal) is engineered to meet the demands of modern network infrastructures. Designed for high-performance, scalability, and ease of use, this device is ideal for service providers and enterprises seeking to deliver seamless, high-speed fiber optic connectivity across their networks.


    Key Features:

    • Compact and Durable Design: Housed in a 1U 19-inch standard rack-mount chassis, the V1600D2 offers a space-efficient solution that is easy to integrate into existing network cabinets. The robust construction ensures durability and reliability in various operational environments.
    • Versatile Uplink Capabilities: Equipped with four uplink ports, including two auto-negotiation copper 10/100/1000M ports, two SFP 1GE ports, and two SFP+ 10GE ports, the V1600D2 provides flexible and high-speed connectivity options to meet diverse network requirements.
    • High Capacity EPON Ports: Featuring four EPON ports with SFP slots and PX20+ modules, this OLT supports a maximum splitting ratio of 1:64, allowing you to connect up to 256 ONUs (Optical Network Units) per device. This makes it an excellent choice for scalable network expansion.
    • Extended Transmission Range: The V1600D2 supports transmission distances of up to 20KM, ensuring reliable long-distance communication for both upstream and downstream data with speeds of 1.25Gbps.
    • Advanced Management Options: Simplify your network management with the V1600D2’s comprehensive ports, including one 10/100BASE-T out-band management port and one console port. These features facilitate efficient and streamlined network administration.
    • Exceptional Optical Performance: With a TX power range of +2 to +7dBm and RX sensitivity of -30dBm, the V1600D2 ensures superior optical performance, maintaining signal integrity and strength even at maximum distance.
    • Energy-Efficient Operation: Consuming a maximum of just 25W, the V1600D2 is designed for energy efficiency, minimizing operational costs while delivering robust performance.
    • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Built to operate in demanding conditions, the V1600D2 can function in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C, making it suitable for deployment in diverse environmental settings.
    • Broad Compatibility: Compatible with standard SC/UPC connectors and 9/125μm SMF (Single Mode Fiber), the V1600D2 integrates seamlessly with existing fiber optic networks, ensuring smooth and hassle-free upgrades or expansions.

    Technical Specifications:

    • Chassis: 1U, 19-inch standard rack-mount
    • Uplink Ports: 4 ports (2 x 10/100/1000M Copper, 2 x SFP 1GE, 2 x SFP+ 10GE)
    • EPON Ports: 4 ports, SFP slots with PX20+ modules
    • Max Splitting Ratio: 1:64
    • Transmission Distance: Up to 20KM
    • EPON Port Speed: Upstream/Downstream 1.25Gbps
    • Wavelength: TX 1490nm, RX 1310nm
    • Connectors: SC/UPC
    • Fiber Type: 9/125μm SMF
    • Management Ports: 1 x 10/100BASE-T out-band, 1 x Console port
    • Dimensions: 442 x 200 x 43 mm
    • Weight: 3.1 kg
    • Power Supply: AC 100~240V, 47/63Hz
    • Max Power Consumption: 25W
    • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
    • Storage Temperature: -40°C to +70°C
    • Relative Humidity: 5~95% (non-condensing)


    • Telecommunication Networks: Ideal for ISPs and telecom operators looking to expand their fiber networks with high-capacity and reliable EPON technology.
    • Enterprise Networks: Perfect for businesses seeking a robust solution for connecting multiple departments or remote locations with high-speed fiber optic links.
    • Community Networks: Efficient for community internet services, providing extensive coverage and connectivity to residential areas with high user density.

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