Yeastar FX02 Module

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    Yeastar FX02 Module

    Expand Your PBX System with Reliable Analog Line Termination

    The Yeastar FX02 Module is a versatile and efficient solution designed to integrate seamlessly with various PBX systems. This module, equipped with 2 FXO ports, provides the capability to terminate two analog PSTN (POTS) lines, enhancing the functionality and flexibility of your telephony infrastructure. Ideal for both small office and enterprise environments, the FX02 Module ensures smooth connectivity and communication continuity.

    Key Features:

    • Dual FXO Ports: The FX02 Module is equipped with 2 FXO ports, allowing for the termination of two analog PSTN lines. This capability ensures that your PBX system can easily handle traditional phone lines, making it a valuable addition to your telephony setup.
    • Broad Compatibility: Designed for versatility, the FX02 Module is compatible with a wide range of Yeastar products. It works seamlessly with the MyPBX SOHO, Standard, Pro, E1, E1 Plus, and Enterprise models, as well as the TDM800 Card. This compatibility makes it a flexible choice for various PBX configurations and business needs.
    • Enhanced PBX Functionality: By adding the FX02 Module to your PBX system, you can expand its capabilities to handle additional analog lines. This is particularly useful for businesses looking to integrate legacy phone lines into their modern IP telephony systems.
    • Seamless Integration: The FX02 Module is designed for easy integration with Yeastar’s PBX series, ensuring that it can be added to your system with minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. Whether you’re upgrading your existing system or installing a new one, the FX02 Module fits smoothly into your setup.
    • Reliable Performance: Built to meet the demands of busy office environments, the FX02 Module provides stable and reliable performance. It ensures that your analog lines are consistently available and ready to handle calls, supporting uninterrupted communication within your organization.
    • Cost-Effective Solution: For businesses that still rely on analog PSTN lines, the FX02 Module offers a cost-effective way to integrate these lines into a modern PBX system. It eliminates the need for additional equipment and simplifies the process of managing multiple types of phone lines.


    • Ports: 2 FXO ports
    • Compatibility:
      • MyPBX SOHO
      • MyPBX Standard
      • MyPBX Pro
      • MyPBX E1
      • MyPBX E1 Plus
      • MyPBX Enterprise
      • TDM800 Card
    • Application: Termination of 2 analog PSTN lines
    • Functionality: Enhances PBX systems by adding support for analog lines


    • Small Office Home Office (SOHO): Ideal for SOHO setups where integration of analog PSTN lines with modern IP PBX systems is required.
    • Enterprise: Suitable for enterprise environments needing to maintain traditional PSTN lines while transitioning to IP-based systems.
    • Legacy System Integration: Perfect for businesses looking to upgrade their telephony systems without abandoning their existing analog infrastructure.


    Optimize your PBX system with the Yeastar FX02 Module. Effortlessly integrate analog PSTN lines and enjoy enhanced communication capabilities across your organization.


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