Ubiquiti RocketDish 5GHz 34dBi RD5G34

The Ubiquiti RocketDish 5GHz 34dBi RD5G34 combines the “brains” in one robust unit; pair Rocket M with RocketDish to create powerful 2×2 MIMO PtP bridging applications. This seamless integration gives network architects unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Pair the RocketDish antenna RD-5G34 with a Rocket basestation to create the endpoint of a high-performance, Point-to-Point (PtP) bridge or network backhaul (Rocket sold separately).

Powerful Performance
The Rocket Dish antenna delivers 2×2, dual-polarity performance. On the right is one example of how the RocketDish with Rocket can be deployed in a backhaul link to deliver bandwidth from an ISP network out to a neighborhood tower. From there, an airMAX® Sector with Rocket delivers bandwidth to the ISP’s customers.

The 5 GHz frequency band is free to use, worldwide, offers plentiful spectrum, and works well for long-distance links. However, 5 GHz signals have more difficulty passing through obstacles than lower-frequency signals. The 4.9 GHz frequency band typically requires a license and is reserved for public safety applications.

Plug and Play Integration
RD-5G34 and Rocket Basestations have been designed to seamlessly work together. Every Rocket Dish has a built-in Rocket mount, so installation requires no special tools. Snap the Rocket securely into place and mount the antenna; you then have the optimal combination of RocketDish and Rocket for your PtP application.

Product Type: Antenna
Maximum Antenna Range: 31.1 Mile
Frequency Band Type: SHF
Frequency: 5.10 GHz to 5.80 GHz
Antenna Gain: 34 dBi
Number of Connectors: 1
Diameter: 41.3″
Form Factor: Pole
Weight (Approximate): 29.76 lb
Application/Usage: Wireless Data Network
Package Contents:

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