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Tp-link TL-EAP110 300Mbps Wireless Access Point

The Tp-link TL-EAP110 300Mbps Wireless Access Point elegant appearance and easy mounting design with chassis make it easy to be integrated seamlessly into any wall or ceiling surface to blend in with most interior decorations. TL-EAP110 supports Passive PoE to make deployment effortless and flexible.

Captive portal helps maintain only authorized guests to use the network, presenting devices with a convenient, user-friendly authentication method to grant Wi-Fi access. The addition of SMS and Facebook authentication simplifies the captive portal even further to simplify connectivity and boost your business.

Tp-link TL-EAP110 Access Point Specifications

  • EAP Controller Software enables administrators to easily manage hundreds of EAPs
  • Supports passive PoE for convenient installation up to 100meters
  • Ceiling mounting design with chassis make it easy to deploy on a wall or ceiling
  • Captive portal provides one convenient method of authentication for Wi-Fi guests
  • Multi-SSID divides multiple wireless networks for different users
  • Enterprise class Wi-Fi security help to decrease network security threats

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