RF Elements SBX-XL-CC-5-19 5GHz 19dBi

RF Elements SBX-XL-CC-5-19 5GHz 19dBi is MiMo Antenna Enclosure with integrated 3-Axis Positioning System Mount. StationBox®XL is made for MikroTik RB711, RB411 and RB433 series, as well as other boards.

StationBox® XL has built-in directional dual polarization antenna:19dBi MiMo@5GHz or 14dBi MiMo@2.4GHz.View Datasheet

StationBox® XL was designed to incorporate MikroTik RouterBoards RB411, RB711 and RB433 series. RouterBoards are easy to attach and easy to install using special drawer. Visibility of RouterBoard LEDs is also maintained. StationBox® XL supports also other popular boards on the market as Alix, Compex, etc.

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