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1U Wall Mount Fiber Optic 48 Core ODF with SC/APC connector

1. The 1U Wall Mount Fiber Optic 48 Core ODF has a box body is made of high quality cold-rolled steel material, and the surface of the inferior smooth electrostatic praying processing technology

2. Unique 1 ~ 2 into cable mouth and 1~48 core out fine mouth design

3. Box stack turn the page type structure fusion fiber disc and independent insulated grounding device

4. 48pcs of SC/APC connectors and pigtails

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Fiber Optic 48 Core ODF Features:

1.19″ standard size , easy install
2. Light weight, strong strength, good anti-shocking and dustproof
3. Well cable management, cable can be distinguished easily
4. Roomy space ensure fiber bent ratio
5. Adapter fence can be installed or uninstalled

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