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Fiber ATB with 2pcs LC/UPC adapters and pigtails

Fiber ATB with 2pcs LC/UPC adapters and pigtails is used to connect drop cables and passive ONU devices. It is installed on indoor walls to provide fiber sockets. The ATB supports fusion splicing, mechanical splicing, and FA connectors. The Access Terminal Box contains two LC/UPC Adapters and LC/UPC Pigtails for easy connection to the ONU.

• Plug fiber without opening the box, easily accessible fiber operation, and downward ports to avoid personal injury

• White color, graceful style, and outstanding adaptability to environments

• Fiber cable inlets in every direction to meet requirements of different scenarios

• User-friendly operation interface and high reliability

• Clear cable routes to prevent mis-operations

• Obvious laser warning marks

• Low construction cost

• Easy operation, less working hours, and lower cost

  • 2pcs LC/UPC Adapters
  • 2pcs LC/UPC Pigtails
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