96 Core SC/UPC Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)

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    96 Core SC/UPC Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) with Pre-connectorized Duplex SC/UPC Modules

    Efficient and Organized Fiber Optic Distribution


    The 96 Core SC/UPC Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) with pre-connectorized duplex SC/UPC modules is a high-capacity solution for organizing and distributing fiber optic cables in telecommunications and data center environments. Designed for reliability and ease of installation, it facilitates efficient management of fiber connections and ensures seamless network operations.


    Key Features:

    • High Capacity: Accommodates up to 96 fiber cores, providing ample capacity for large-scale fiber optic networks.
    • Pre-connectorized Modules: Includes 12pcs of duplex SC/UPC pre-connectorized modules, simplifying installation and reducing deployment time.
    • SC/UPC Connectors: Utilizes SC/UPC connectors, known for their low insertion loss and high return loss characteristics, ensuring reliable optical performance.
    • Modular Design: Organized in a modular configuration, allowing for flexible expansion and easy maintenance as network demands grow.
    • Rack-mountable: Designed for standard 19-inch racks, facilitating integration into existing rack systems in data centers or telecommunications rooms.
    • Fiber Management: Features integrated cable management trays and routing channels to maintain neat and orderly fiber routing, minimizing cable congestion and optimizing airflow.
    • Front Access Design: Enables convenient access to connectors and fibers from the front panel, simplifying installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting tasks.



    • Telecommunications Networks: Ideal for central offices, service provider facilities, and network distribution points where high-density fiber optic terminations are required.
    • Data Centers: Essential for connecting backbone fibers to distribution fibers within data center environments, ensuring reliable and efficient data transmission.
    • Enterprise Networks: Used in corporate and enterprise settings to consolidate and manage fiber connections for voice, data, and video applications.



    • Type: Optical Distribution Frame (ODF)
    • Connector Type: SC/UPC duplex
    • Capacity: 96 fiber cores (12pcs duplex SC/UPC modules)
    • Rack Compatibility: 19-inch standard rack mountable
    • Material: Robust construction suitable for indoor use
    • Dimensions: Standard rack unit (U) height, depth, and width dimensions
    • Color: Typically standard telecom gray or custom colors upon request
    • Installation: Suitable for indoor installations in controlled environments


    The 96 Core SC/UPC Optical Distribution Frame with pre-connectorized duplex SC/UPC modules provides a scalable and efficient solution for managing high-density fiber optic connections. With its modular design, pre-connectorized modules, and comprehensive fiber management features, it supports seamless integration and reliable performance in telecommunications, data center, and enterprise network environments.

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